How to buy hosting with paypal without giving credit card? October 30, 2013 2 Comments

I want to buy cheap hosting Plan for One Month. I want to pay with PayPal. I have not Credit Card. Some sites like godady are asking to add credit card to buy with paypal but i have not credit card. Can you suggest me any Hosting site.

You can go to hostgator and choose baby plan use this code 9cutofmyhost you will get your first month with only $0.01

How to enable Remote Mysql connection when host is blocking it? 2 Comments


I just buy a shared linux host, with mysql database, but my host said i can not connect remotely for security reasons, and that i should upgrade to VPS server to have remove MYSQL.

How can i access my database to insert/remove/edit records?

My host is Cinfu, and i connect from home.

You can’t. They block the ports, and the mysql config prevents remote connections. You don’t have access to the configs that let you change this. And if you try, they will detect that attempt and will cancel your account, rightfully so.

If you want to update the database on your host, all you have to do is write a couple of simple PHP scripts that let you do this. If you don’t know how to do this, then fork out the bucks for the higher level of service that lets you connect to the database. This, btw, is a bad idea, there is a very good reason they don’t allow this.

Cheap Web Hosting – COUNTDOWN Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers!! October 27, 2013 22 Comments

Cheap Web Hosting – TOP 3 Hosts Countdown
=== Resources ==========
HostGator Coupon Codes:
iPage Coupon Codes:
Bluehost Coupon Codes:

It is not very difficult to find cheap web hosting. We realize that you are here for another reason. You want GREAT, cheap web hosting. In this video, we decided to break down the top 3 affordable web hosting companies to help you decide which one is best for you.

Most people just want to give you a name of a hosting company to sign up for. We understand that you are worth more than that. Our video is only 3 minutes long and it will hopefully save you some money. It should make it easy for you to decide which features are important to you, and which ones are not. Obviously, the more features you cut – the cheaper it is going to be. But we also chose 3 very great hosts, so no matter which one you choose – you will have a great experience.

web hosting reviews are everywhere, but we had a goal to make this one different. We hope that you find this countdown helpful when choosing your cheap web hosting provider. And of course, above all else, we wish you the absolute best in your endeavors. Have a fantastic rest of your day!

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How to make a Counterstrike:Source Dedicated Server (Linux) Easy No Comments


Have you ever wanted your own CSS server? And do you have a linux server or a linux dedicated server? This tutorial wil help you to set up a CSS server in no time 😉

Note : Sorry for the Adfly links, these are here so I can continue server development and tutorials for you guys 😉

You’re server does need to have :
► A dual core cpu
► 2 gig of RAM minimum, 4 or higher recommended
► High bandwith and good upload speed (depending on server location)

Software needed if you are working on a server that is not local (Linux Server)
► SSH Program (Putty) :
► FTP Program (FileZilla) :

Codes to install and run the server !
Server config maker
*This is optional, if you want it to be big, or if you just want a private server, use only the ip to connect!

► Song : Ellie Goulding – Burn (Maths Time Joy Remix)
Buy here :

Subscribe , leave a like if ya want 😉

It makes me happy ;D

► If there are any problems, consult this page :
or just leave it down below!

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Cloud Linux Web Hosting No Comments

Cloud Linux Web Hosting Cloud linux hosting, Linux Cloud Servers, Linux Cloud Server Hosting at this is no 1 cloud linux web hosting in india.

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Is it cheaper to host youtube links on a website than it is to host still images? September 30, 2013 1 Comment

Obviously it’s cheaper to host youtube links than it is to host a video myself, but is it actually cheaper to host youtube links than it is to host images?

Well, a link is basically just a few characters (bytes), while an image would be at least 50 kb at the lowest quality. So if you’re talking about space consumed, it’s cheaper to host links, but if you don’t use up all your allocated space, then they should cost you the same.

What is the best web hosting company to build an ecommerce site? 9 Comments

I’m looking for a web hosting plan that is cheap, offers unlimited space, helps me design my store and add video or flash if I want to, comes with a shopping cart preferably with Paypal. What do you suggest?

Good day Alex,

when considering web hosting you will want to focus on a service that besides meeting all your individual needs, also takes into consideration the security of your data and offers a reliable connection. In thirteen years working as a developer I had to learn this in a much painful way.

The current market for shared hosting is rather misleading and the cause of this is that the majority of web hosting companies offer incredibly appealing and appetizing affiliate commissions paying off huge amounts of cash for any enrolment. Consequently, quite a few folks, definitely mispresent the characteristics and functionality of a web host sometimes even making claims that an $5 web host can easily match a $200 dedicated server with regard to speed, storage space and bandwidth. The hard truth is, you get what you pay for. No ifs or buts.

To make myself clear, I personally sell website hosting plans on my own website. There is nothing wrong with that and in absolutely no way the remarks made above are meant to imply anything about the folks here on Yahoo! Answers who 99.9% of the time are usually authentic and valuable people who truly want to help other people. However, you need to learn to check out things for yourself. Different people have different needs and even if a host works for you today, it doesn’t mean that it will be good for you next year too. Some hosts that were delivering an excellent service until a couple of years ago, have recently become complete and utter crap. A free tool you can use to check the reliability, speed and uptime of a host is this: Just do a Google search for "this site is hosted by [your host of choice]" and pick a few sites to test out. This way you will get an idea of the host without the need to buy anything.

If you’re looking for a decent cheap webhost the one I recommend to all my clients and I use for my smaller sites is It costs $5-$7 depending on the plan you choose. Of course, do not believe the "unlimited everything" they advertise. It’s just made up hype that all of the shared hosts seem to love. All hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth will limit your CPU usage or the number of files you can host with them.

Also, don’t expect the speed of a dedicated server from any cheap web hosting. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re wasting your time. If a shared host offers great speed and unlimited bandwidth, then you can bet CPU usage will be extremely limited meaning you can’t use any plugins and have to limit your traffic. Conversely if the CPU usage isn’t restricted then the service runs as slow as it could be. The secret is to look for a service that’s a compromise between these two extremes: decent speed and decent usability. My advice is to start with the service which I suggested that should provide adequate speed, protection and reliability for a small business. It also has "one click scripts" to install all of the features you are after with the click of a button. But it’s really not rocket science to get the software and install it yourself on any host you want. Then when you start growing, in a year or two, move to semi-dedicated or even dedicated hosting.

Good Luck!

Where can i find a cheap web hosting provider? I was thinking of renting a VPS and hosting it myself? September 3, 2013 2 Comments

I am fairly technology wise and was thinking of hosting my blog on a VPS or cheap hosting account. I can administrate it myself if it uses Cpanel or something similar

What kind of hosting plan should i get? Do i need alot of processing power/ RAM and should i be looking for solid state drive hosting? I am also looking into getting my own domain if registration/ moving my site isnt too much of a hassle.

VPS Hosting can be great for hosting a small website or blog. It totally saves time/effort/money over running your own web server. Usually you can choose from several different Operating Systems, whatever environment you are comfortable with. A cheap budget VPS would be good for a beginner with a small site/blog , but if you plan on growing you might want to consider an upgraded VPS with multiple cores, at least 4GB of RAM and both SSD and platter style storage choices.

Check out, you can try their premium VPS for just $10 with coupon code. they also offer domains and site migration

what are the ways to protect the websites that are hosted to the web hosting service provider ? 3 Comments

How can a web hosting service provider can protect the websites that are hosted in their server ?

The security of web servers are did by your web hosting provider.However you can make your cods bug free to make it more secure, if you provide any transactions or login forms, better to install SSL.If you are running or WordPress, protect wp-login by using plugin, change the default settings of db and admin user name
Make admin username and password more powerful.

These are some generic security…

WebHostingHub Video Review September 2, 2013 5 Comments

Video review of WebHostingHub, an award-winning hosting company providing affordable web hosting services with the highest level of technical support and customer satisfaction. User reviews:

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