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What is a good and cheap hosting company? December 31, 2010 5 Comments

I am looking to buy shared web hosting…what are some good web hosts and deals? I have been using Dreamhost for 5 months now, and I love them. I develop a lot of websites – big and small, and Dreamhost is perfect. They have very good customer service. Anytime I had a problem (even at […]

what’s the difference between Hosting my site on a linux server or windows server? 7 Comments

I have a small site hosted on Linux in Godaddy but I am doubting if it has any negative effect than hosting on windows? Linux server is typically more stable and cost cheaper. It come with more features. Typically people choose Windows server when they need to run on script that can only support natively […]

What is the best web hosting and or web creation provider? 16 Comments

I need to find a reliable web hosting site that could cater to the needs of a large scale information sharing website. My requirements are easy access to placing ads on my website, large data storage, and multifaceted media capabilities. Also, any website development sites would be nice to know. there you go:

What Is Reliable Web Hosting? December 29, 2010 6 Comments

Making your website available to the internet star is a whopper deal. No occasion what reputation of website you manage rather, it is a enterprise website or symptomatic website, what apropos would it complete if you did not have ingenuous web hosting. Most often, when we consider web hosting, we typically look at price and […]

Looking for Cheap Hosting Prices But not Cheap Hosting? 8 Comments

Are you looking for a web hosting service provider for your Internet business? If you are, perhaps you may find this article useful. You see, many inexperienced Internet business owners make mistakes when it comes to choosing a reliable web hosting service provider. Those mistakes usually stem from making buying decisions based purely on price […]

Where can I find a cheap hosting site with these requirements? December 28, 2010 7 Comments

I’m taking web design class and I need a hosting site and a domain name with these requirements: * Linux-based; * Server-side Includes (SSI) supported; * PHP 5 or higher supported; * 4 months in duration (the length of the semester and slightly beyond). Thanks for your help! There are many web hosting providers and […]

What ftp software do i use to transfer a file to a linux hosting server? 2 Comments

Currently, i’m using windows xp platform. Any guide into above problems as i’m not familiar with the linux/unix. Thanks again. Try this one Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional 2007

How to select your reasonable web hosting in an imaginative means? 7 Comments

I need to know the key points on selecting a reasonable web hosting. It is really hard to subscribe if you still doesn’t have any idea on its benefits for you. Is web hosting company best alternative to earn more revenue for my business. The best process for finding the right fit for you when […]

cheap web hosting.wmv No Comments Cheap web hosting provides the best cheap web hosting company with all features to host your website. It is a difficult task to find a cheap web hosting when there are thousands of cheap hosting companies. This web site aims to provide cheap web hosts guide to help you to find a high quality […]

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