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How to buy hosting with paypal without giving credit card? October 30, 2013 2 Comments

I want to buy cheap hosting Plan for One Month. I want to pay with PayPal. I have not Credit Card. Some sites like godady are asking to add credit card to buy with paypal but i have not credit card. Can you suggest me any Hosting site. You can go to hostgator and choose […]

Cheap Web Hosting – COUNTDOWN Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers!! October 27, 2013 22 Comments

Cheap Web Hosting – TOP 3 Hosts Countdown === Resources ========== HostGator Coupon Codes: iPage Coupon Codes: Bluehost Coupon Codes: It is not very difficult to find cheap web hosting. We realize that you are here for another reason. You want GREAT, cheap web hosting. In this video, we decided to break […]

Is it cheaper to host youtube links on a website than it is to host still images? September 30, 2013 1 Comment

Obviously it’s cheaper to host youtube links than it is to host a video myself, but is it actually cheaper to host youtube links than it is to host images? Well, a link is basically just a few characters (bytes), while an image would be at least 50 kb at the lowest quality. So if […]

Where can i find a cheap web hosting provider? I was thinking of renting a VPS and hosting it myself? September 3, 2013 2 Comments

I am fairly technology wise and was thinking of hosting my blog on a VPS or cheap hosting account. I can administrate it myself if it uses Cpanel or something similar What kind of hosting plan should i get? Do i need alot of processing power/ RAM and should i be looking for solid state […]

WebHostingHub Video Review September 2, 2013 5 Comments

Video review of WebHostingHub, an award-winning hosting company providing affordable web hosting services with the highest level of technical support and customer satisfaction. User reviews: Duration : 0:9:58

What websites/hosts would enable me to run an online store, customers using debit/credit cards? August 5, 2013 1 Comment

Preferably a cheap website/host which allows me to have a storefront. I don’t want customers to only be able to pay via paypal like on etsy. You need to read Etsy’s policies more carefully, as they do NOT require you to accept Paypal as a payment method, and DO allow you to offer other options. […]

What would be a problem if I just get one of $10 hosting plan for my client? June 14, 2013 6 Comments

Hi there. I’m creating this website for my client. It’s a small local bike shop and I was wondering what kind of web hosting service I should use to host the new website. Will there be any problem if I get the cheap hosting service that is made for personal use? Or should I get […]

ⓈⓉⓄⓅ ☞ Hostgator Coupon – BEST CHEAP Web Hosting, File hosting, WordPress hosting April 28, 2013 No Comments

STOP looking for other cheap web hosting companies! Hostgator sign up ► Hostgator gator hosting starts as low as $8.95 per month with the BABY hosting plan, ONLY $9.95 per MONTH for the HATCHLING hosting plan. PLUS, when you use the Hostgator coupon SeeYaLaterGATOR, you will only pay 1 CENT / PENNY your first […]

Cheap Web Hosting Services UK. Best Web Hosting Services Online UK. April 21, 2013 No Comments

Cheap web hosting, delivered by one of the UK’s best web hosting services for applications including WordPress and Joomla, from a selection provided by our one click installer. Application installation is easy and straightforward, allowing you to have your website operational in a matter of minutes. Quick setup and an organized structure make it easy […]

Cheap Web Hosting – 2013 Web Hosting Promo Code April 19, 2013 No Comments Are you looking for more information regarding Cheap Web Hosting? and web hosting, how to web hosting, free web hosting, web hosting site, best hosting web, cheap web hosting, top web hosting, web hosting reviews, web hosting services, affordable web hosting, web hosting providers, web hosting cost, low cost web hosting, top 10 best […]